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Sep 9

Panic! At The Disco: This Is Gospel (Piano Version)

This is actually a thing that happens.

Yes, and?

Yes, and?

In fact, let me summarize that argument.

  • Alex: Herpaderp, if people wouldn't put their personal information on the Internet, ever, they wouldn't get trolled! It's all their fault if they choose to get offended!
  • Me: But people get trolled all the time without people knowing who they are. In fact, the article we're commenting on describes several examples of precisely that.
  • Alex: But they're anonymous, so they're not responsible!
  • Me: No, you're confusing the fact that they can't be held responsible with the idea that they aren't responsible. Also, trolling doesn't require anonymity. By your logic, if a driver hits someone and gets away, it's the pedestrian's fault for being killed.
  • Alex: You can't say having your feelings hurt online is the same as people being killed IRL! You don't understand analogies! Nothing on the Internet can hurt you! If you get hurt by anything on the Internet instead of using logic and dignity to ignore it, like I do, it's your fault! This is a perfectly reasonable position to take, despite the fact that the amount of people disagreeing with me indicate I am clearly in the minority!
  • Me: Nothing on a screen can hurt you, eh? Post your address and bank info.

Just got ticked off by a moron on Kotaku who said that if someone gets trolled, it’s their fault for putting their personal information online.

He completely ignored me pointing out there are ways to troll someone that don’t actually require personal information, and several were actually described in the article we were commenting on.

Later on, he said that since anons are anonymous, they aren’t responsible, and it’s impossible for people to be trolled on, say, Omegle or Ask.Fm, and just outright said that nothing on the internet should be able to hurt someone, since “its a world of make believe behind a screen.”

I pointed out that if that were true, then he should post his address and banking info.

He responded that he wasn’t even going to “entertain” my request, and said it was “grade school” and that I didn’t understand what analogies are. With absolutely no explaination.

The only reason I’m not sure he’s a troll is a)because people that stupid exist in real life and were posting elsewhere in the thread, and b)he seems to lack empathy in a manner folks on 4chan would doubtless call “autistic”.

The funny thing is that for all his claims that “dignity and logic” keep him from getting upset and that he totes has empathy, he’s called me an idiot several times and is by his own admission incapable of comprehending how people getting upset by trolls is the fault of the trolls.

I won an argument with an idiot, then left!

I love how he’s totally convinced he’s right, but he can’t even get his argument straight. Heck, he can’t even get my argument straight.

Him: FPSes are generic because of these criteria! I wish someone would make a game like X!
Me: Here’s one that isn’t.
Him: Nuh-uh, that doesn’t count because of this criteria I just made up which has nothing to do with what I originally said!
Me: Except that criteria would apply to most of the hypothetical X games as well.
Him: Well, I’m abandoning that criteria to make up a new reason why it’s generic.
Me: And I’m done.

(I wasn’t done.)

Actually, if you take out the cryonics, it sounds a lot like SJWs seem to think history was like.

  • Me: You know, I'm tired of Retsupurae slagging off MRAs on thin pretexts and talking about social justice stuff. They've got two strikes already, so if this video -
  • Retsupurae's "Mass Erect" video: So, a plot about men being treated as commodities owned by women due to a dearth of them and you're the one free man trying to escape and free your brothers? Sounds like a crazy fedora-wearing MRA fantasy amirite yuk yuk wink wink nudge nudge.
  • Me: ...

Spoilers for Worm 22 and interlude 21

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And by “suddenly”, I mean, in retrospect, the opening scene.


Huh, this Worm AU fic isn’t half-ba -

[suddenly contains an entirely excessive amount of teenage lesbians and teenage lesbian subtext]


I won’t be burned again.